By Editor In Chief Kelly M Deadman

Everyone can dream, but making those dreams a reality takes a lot of determination and plain grit.In our fast paced, instant pleasure driven society, it is too easy to pull the pin when things get too hard. It’s convenient to pass on an opportunity for a promotion because it means more travel or to let a colleague run a campaign because it involves longer hours but this is exactly what you should NOT be doing. All of these excuses are essentially roadblocks that we are putting in place to prevent success.

True success is derived from how you act when you are faced with struggles, challenges and obstacles along the way. Working hard, putting in the time, energy and patience and never giving up is what really determines how successful you will be in the long run.

There is also often complacency about being successful and people fall into the trap of just working to survive without ever actually getting anywhere. It’s far better to work smarter and harder for a shorter period of time than it is to get stuck in a work a rut year after year.

Understanding the commitment that it takes to be successful means being dedicated to doing the following 10 things each and every day to reach your goals.


The first piece of advice that any successful person would give you is to set yourself a goal and commit to it. Think hard about where you want to go in life, what you want your future to look like and what you want to achieve. Then write down, read it again and commit to it. Don’t be afraid to dream big!


Have you ever heard the saying by John C. Maxwell, “dreams don’t work unless you do”? No truer words have been said because dreams without work are simply fantasies. The most vital component to converting a dream to reality is a plan. Planning is the crucial ingredient in making dreams come to fruition. Careful thought needs to be given to how you are going to achieve this dream and smaller attainable goals need to be implemented along the way to help you get there.


Establishing sound habits from the get go is essential for long-term success. Much of how you do things and how you operate is simply habitual, so it is vital that you establish which habits are positive and which ones are detrimental to your success. Get rid of any bad habits and replace them with affirmative ones. The key element is to create daily habits that will draw you closer to achieving your goal. Continue your new positive habits until they simply become second nature.


No matter how disciplined you are, being held accountable to someone makes you more driven and determined and simply makes you do a better job. Being accountable also allows an impartial observer to critique your performance allowing you to gain valuable insight into how you can grow and develop.


Being afraid to fail will stop you from trying new things, learning from your mistakes and growing. Whilst trying to achieve any goal it is important to remember that things will not always go smoothly and that you will face bumps along the way but what is key to your success is how you respond to these challenges. Keep in mind that your failures are there to teach you lessons and remember that it is irrelevant how many times you fail what is really important is how many times you pick yourself up and keep going.


Depending on the size of your goal it can be very helpful and inspiring to acknowledge and celebrate small victories along the way. Focusing on small achievements allows you to draw closer to your eventual goal and gives you self-confidence and empowerment to continue down the path.


High achievers will testify to the importance of visualisation as a key to success. Knowing how to look into the future and imagine yourself and your future success is a highly motivating tool that promotes advancement. Being able to visualise challenges and obstacles along the way also allows you to prepare yourself for potential roadblocks and gives you the tools to overcome them.


If you look at all the highly successful people in the world you will see that they all have one thing in common – an insatiable hunger to achieve their dream. Successful people are unrelenting in the pursuit of their goal. They keep their eye on the prize and will do what it takes to get there. What sets them apart from the crowd is their ability to tackle adversity and their ability to get back on track when they are thrown a curveball. Successful people believe in themselves are driven towards achievement. Find the spark that inspires you and imagine what your life would like when you have achieved your goals and keep that commitment and spirit alive.


There is no substitute for old fashioned hard work. Put the effort in and you will eventually see results. Too many people want to take the shortcut, the quick fix or easy option. Real longterm success in any area of life requires perseverance, dedication, commitment and simply hard work. So roll up your sleeves and commit to your dream.


Being successful requires commitment and dedication so if you want to achieve your dream then you simply can’t give up. Great things don’t come easily and people are not simply “born lucky”. People create their future and make choices that fundamentally determine how successful they are going to be so adopt a “never give up” attitude and it will take you a long way!

Being successful is not for the faint hearted and there is no easy way to get there. Don’t ever underestimate how truly committed you need to be in order to achieve success, but if you follow these tips and put the hard yards in now and you will reap the rewards in the future.