Running a business can be tiring, chaotic and stressful. Sometimes, it feels like you have mountains to do and not enough time in the day to complete it all. However, there are always shortcuts to save you time and money, so you can really streamline your business and get it flowing.

Check out these websites for tools, tips or links to apps which will make your life more organised and stress-free.

1. INC


INC is a great website for anyone who is building a small business and needs to find specific tools to help them grow. INC is jampacked full of all the latest business news, advice and information across all sectors. With an endless supply of inspiration and reading at, you will find it difficult to stop scrolling…

2. Answer the Public


Answer the Public is a valuable business tool to use for finding keywords and highly searched words, which is perfect if you are creating a website or an article. This tool can cut back hours of time spent thinking of keywords as it produces hundreds in seconds.

3. Canva


Canva is a graphic-design tool website. It uses a drag-and-drop format to build professional websites and provides access to over a thousand photographs, graphics, and fonts. Canva is perfect for any business owner who is looking for a professional, easy to use and free editing tool.

4. The Simple Dollar


The Simple Dollar helps small business owners find specific tools that will help them run their business. They also help business owners find apps for time-saving, tracking, customer support and accounting, which cuts down all that time weeding through apps and tools that aren’t going to work for you and your business.

5. The Manifest


The Manifest helps small business owners find the right apps to keep them focused, stay organised and stay productive. They specialise in finding mindful apps and websites for stressed out, disorganised business owners.

6. Hootsuite


Whether you’re a social media pro or newbie, this app is an essential tool to keep in your marketing toolbox—it’s an automated, hands-off way of organising and posting your social media content, so you can literally generate leads in your sleep.

7. LastPass Password Manager


As a small business owner, it’s likely that you will need to keep track of—and keep private—loads of passwords for all the apps and logins you use. LastPass stores all of those easily-forgettable, occasionally vulnerable passwords in one secure vault for every user.

Choosing specifi c apps and tools can sometimes be tricky, and it does mean trial and error. However, if it saves time, money, stress and it works for you, the perfect tool or app can leverage any small business.